01 December 2009

Hi-Chew Mango

yes, this is a lot of candy to be reviewing in such a short time, but i have four days off and what else would i do but eat a lot of candy? Hi-Chews are probably my favorite taffy-like candy. they are similar to Mambas but come in lots of interesting flavors, a few of which are available in the states, but many more over in asia. luckily the 7-11 here carries the mango and melon flavors, which are two of the best. i have nothing but love for this candy, it has the perfect chewy texture: not too hard, like saltwater taffy or Laffy Taffy, but not too chewy (i can't think of an example of a too-chewy candy [oh, i just did: caramels. the too-chewy kind]). perhaps the best part of it all is the flavor. this candy tastes like a juicy, juicy mango. not citrus, or tropical, or orange, but mango. if i were to smell this candy i would know it was mango-flavored, that's how great the flavor is (and it's juicy. it makes my mouth water it's so juicy). they are consistently good, too. all of the Hi-Chews i've tasted are very accurate with their flavors, much like the japanese KitKats. those asians have a higher bar for their candy then we do. i suppose they have better taste buds. or maybe they already have taste bud rejuvenation there?


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