03 April 2010

Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Eggs

parent co.: Trader Joe's
net wt.: 3.8 oz.
qty.: 3
country: united states
description: three milk chocolate eggs, each with a natural peanut butter center

another unexpected treat from b.paul: chocolate peanut butter eggs - one of my favorite candy combos (along with chocolate and hazelnut, of course). naturally, one would expect these to be similar to Reese's peanut butter eggs, and they are, to a point. the package makes a point (several times, as a matter of fact) of telling us that these eggs contain natural peanut butter filling, just peanuts and nothing else. that is definitely a good thing in several respects. it has a rich, roasted peanut flavor; a nice smooth yet grainy texture; and an excellent earthy aftertaste (possibly due to the fact that there's no salt added). the slight grit in the filling goes wonderfully with the creaminess of the milk chocolate. here is a situation where i think the milk chocolate is preferable to dark; the bitterness of the dark might clash with the peanut butter. these are pretty hefty eggs, almost 1.5 oz. apiece, but they aren't overly sweet so they're manageable. a nice alternative to Reese's (that isn't Palmer's, because Palmer's sucks). (more photos)

rating: 7

ingredients: milk chocolate (cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, chocolate liquor, nonfat dry milk, butter oil, soy lecithin [an emulsifier], vanilla extract), peanut butter (peanuts), coconut oil
allergen information: contains milk, soy peanuts, coconut. may contain traces of other tree nuts.

Lindt Chocolate Carrots

parent co.: Lindt
net wt.: 1.8 oz.
qty.: 4
country: switzerland
description: solid milk chocolate blended with hazelnut

yes, it is indeed another easter candy. these little carrots caught my eye firstly because they are little carrots, and secondly because they are gianduja (that's chocolate with hazelnut paste, for you laypersons), a personal favorite. Lindt is a generally pretty tasty when it comes to milk chocolate, definitely one of my preferred brands in that department. their chocolate has a smooth, creamy texture and a nice milky taste without tasting chalky or sour. these carrots are no exception: the hazelnut paste adds a delicate, nutty flavor and because it's a paste it doesn't affect the creaminess of the chocolate. the carrots are a pretty decent size, a good chunk of chocolate but not so much that you feel like a big fat fatty eating one of them. there's no detail on the chocolate so out of the wrapper they look more like little chocolate umbrellas, which is cute also and the little handle makes them great for sucking on. (more photos)

rating: 9

ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, milk, chocolate, hazelnut paste, skim milk, soya lecithin (emulsifier), butterfat
allergen information: may contain traces of peanuts/tree nuts