18 December 2009

Trader Joe's Gummy Tummies

i love, love, love these gummy tummies. they are the perfect gummi, and the juicy filling in the tummies is delicious, they have a delicious burst when you bite into them. kind of like gushers, only not gross. they come in three flavors: cherry, lime and strawberry; all three flavors taste pretty much like their fruits (i could tell the difference between the cherry and strawberry, at least). i'm generally not a fan of cherry flavoring, but here it isn't too phony or overwhelming, very subtle. i also like it that these don't have any artificial coloring in them, only natural fruit and vegetable colors. around halloween they have a creep-crawly version of these which is not as good. i don't know why they don't just use these ones and package them as ghosts. i think that would work. maybe i'll write a letter...

rating: 9

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