07 December 2009

La Mancha Ranch & Orchard Dark Chocolate Roasted Hazelnuts

these dark chocolate roasted hazelnuts are from a local farm here in oregon (more precisely, sweet home, OR), and while the cost might be a bit steep, they really are delicious. each hazelnut is perfectly toasted, never burnt or bitter. the dark chocolate is quite tasty and complements the hazelnuts wonderfully. the hazelnuts are organic, but the chocolate doesn't appear to be. it's a pretty standard chocolate: chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter and butter oil (with lecithin and pure vanilla). i'm sure this is something i could recreate in my own kitchen, but i don't mind supporting my local economy (and saving time and energy). i don't know whether these are available outside of oregon, but if you ever have the opportunity, you should definitely pick up a bag or two (also available in milk chocolate, i just prefer dark).

rating: 10

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