07 December 2009

Dagoba Mint and Roseberry

alright, more Dagoba bars. as i believe i've mentioned before, these organic chocolate bars are made here in oregon (ashland, to be exact). this time around i only sprang for two: roseberry and mint.

roseberry (pink) - this is a combination of raspberry and rosehips in dark chocolate, and what a nice combination it is. i'm a big fan of the actual dried raspberries in the bar, it adds a lovely texture and i like having something stick around after i've sucked all the chocolate away (yes, i do that. but only sometimes.). the rosehips are pretty mild here, they add just a hint of a floral accent. the Dagoba chocolate itself is pretty good as well. my only issue so far is that at times i feel like it coats my throat a little too much. which might just be a result of me sucking at it for too long, but whatever.

rating: 7

mint (green) - ok, this one i was really excited for, as the packaging claims it also has rosemary essence in it. say what? rosemary in my chocolate, say what? yeah, it's there. and it's pretty good. really, after tasting the bar on several different occasions, i've come to the conclusion that i actually taste the rosemary more than the mint, which is not an entirely bad thing. in fact i kind of like it. too often i feel that mint flavoring is too strong and overpowering, here it is more of an accent note. smooth.

rating: 8

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