01 December 2009

Snickers Fudge

i think that the only thing that keeps me eating Snickers is the great combination of the chocolate, nougat, peanuts, and caramel. sadly, this bar has no caramel. it is strictly the fudge, peanuts and a peanut butter nougat. the fudge is rather hard, a bit crumbly, almost chalky. i would prefer it if it were creamy i think, but that's how i feel every time i eat a Reese's cup, too. i know that with mass production and the stabilizers they include for longer shelf-life there is bound to be some loss in quality, but this fudge is gross. not only that, but the peanut butter nougat isn't very flavorful, i don't taste much peanut flavor in here period, just a few semi-crunchy peanuts. ever since they discontinued the Snickers Peanut Butter i just haven't found another variation on the original that i liked (maybe the snickers dark, but how can you go wrong with dark chocolate?). so i guess what i'm saying here is that if you need a Snickers fix, and if the fudge bar is the only one around then i would say just get a Payday and eat it with some chocolate chips. or something.

rating: 2

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