11 December 2009


Bit-O-Honey is a childhood favorite of mine, although i can't help feeling guilty eating them much anymore. they have hydrogenated oils in them, you know. but candy isn't supposed to be good for you, and so i don't care that much and still enjoy the occasional chewy delight. sadly it is cold here, and so it is cold in my house, and thus all of my taffy-like candy has turned hard. under normal conditions these little taffies have such a good chew, a bit resistant at first but then melting into stretchy, chewy goodness. they're much tougher than a fruit chew. i also really enjoy the flavor, it does have a bit of honey (aptly named candy is good) taste to it and it actually contains honey. less than 2% but hey, it's real honey. the overall taste i get is just kind of buttery, not quite toffee, but somewhere in between honey and toffee.

rating: 8

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