02 December 2009

Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Delights

thank god for these little bits of hazelnut heaven. after the disappointing hazelnut Dagoba bar, this is just what i needed. these are really similar to Ferrero Rocher. there's a hazelnut in the middle, surrounded by some kind of hazelnut-chocolate paste, and then on top of that is a wafery coating (i guess that is the praline) dipped in chocolate and then more chopped hazelnuts. it is delicious. the only real difference here is that the outer shell on these seems to be a bit less fragile than the shell of the Ferrero Rocher, and also i think that the cream/paste inside is pastier than the Ferrero. theirs is more creamy like nutella. but these are so good, i've been waiting for them for awhile; it was worth it.

rating: 9

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