23 December 2009

Kinder Happy Hippo Biscuit

this is so cute. not only is it shaped like a little hippo, it's delicious to boot. this is pretty similar to the Bueno, sans the chocolate. the same flaky wafer is used on the outside while inside there's a layer of hazelnut creme, but here there's also a layer of white creme, which i guess is the "milk" part of the "hazelnut and milk." both cremes are very smooth and not at all pasty or chunky. the other difference here is the little white sugar balls on the outside - i like the little crunch they add. i will buy these every day, i just wish they came in other animals.

rating: 9


  1. I hadn't been by in a minute, been busy. Whoops.

    You are a fucking candy badass, I hope you know that. Strong work.