11 December 2009

Holland Hopjes

right now i have to admit something that is slightly embarrassing, which is that i did not realize these were hard candies until i opened one. i guess i thought they would be a hard taffy, maybe like a Bit-O-Honey or Now & Later. but they are a hard candy, kind of coffee and chocolate flavored, a little more coffee than chocolate. they're actually not bad, as far as hard candies go. then again, i'm not much for hard candy as i am under the age of 65. alright i'm just kidding (yes, old people love hard candy). the flavor is pretty nice although it may be a bit much for a candy that's going to be sitting in your mouth for awhile. that is assuming you don't go crunching into it (that's bad for your teeth, don't do it).

rating: 4

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