11 December 2009

Aero Mint

for those of you who haven't tried the Aero bar, i am sorry. but let me explain what exactly it is: wonderful. it is just wonderful. but really, the original Aero bar is just a milk chocolate bar puffed full of air so that it has a delightful texture, kind of crumbly, kind of puffy. in this version there's a puffed mint inside with a milk chocolate coating.

there, you can see the airy mint insides for yourself. it's really great, it kind of falls apart in your mouth. also, it's good for sucking on. aside from the texture this aero also has a great flavor. it's minty, but more in a creme de menthe fashion than a strong peppermint (think Andes mint not starlight mint). i appreciate this kind of mint, because i can actually eat as much of it as i want, sometimes the stronger mint (Junior Mints, peppermint patties) is too much for me. coupled with the smooth chocolate, it really is kind of like a giant Andes mint. very tasty.

rating: 9

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