23 December 2009

Hi-Chew Melon

the melon-flavored Hi-Chew is one of my favorites, second only to the mango ones. again, this is one juicy candy, the melon flavor is very strong here - you can smell it while it's still in the wrapper. the perfect chewiness, the perfect melon-y flavor. there is nothing not to love about this particular candy. if you have a taste bud alive in your mouth, do it a favor and go get some of these right now. (if the7-11 doesn't have them check your local Asian food grocer).

rating: 10


  1. i LOVE hi-chews!

    except, i've only seen strawberry and grape here so far.

    maybe i'm not going to the right stores.

  2. that's awful! but at least you got the fuji apple mentos!