11 December 2009

The Ginger People Ginger Chews: Original, Peanut, Spicy Apple

recently i have become much more open to the idea of ginger in candies and baked goods. i was planning to review reed's ginger chews, but i saw these and figured i would give them a try as well. there were three flavors available when i bought them: original, spicy apple and peanut; but it looks like they also have a hot coffee flavor.

original - this is pretty spicy. very gingery. there's a good chewiness to it, more taffy than fruit chew. it leaves a lingering burn on the mouth, which is pretty nice. it's covered in white powder (all of them are), which i think is confectioners' sugar but i'm not positive.

rating: 6

spicy apple - this is my favorite of all, i would even buy this just because. i might even buy it again, just because. i can taste the apple here, kind of like candied apple. the ginger is still spicy. the combination of apple and ginger gives it a cider taste. the texture and chew are the same as the original.

rating: 8

peanut - shocking, absolutely shocking. i expected something like a Squirrel Nut Zipper with a gingery taste. what i got was a weird conglomeration of crumbly peanut butter and hard ginger gelatin. the flavor itself isn't so bad, it's nutty and there is some ginger flavor, but it isn't spicy at all. even with the nice flavor i can't get past the texture. where the others pulled apart in strings when you bit into them, this one breaks apart into chunks. if this were supposed to be a nougat or peanut bite maybe i would be ok with it (probably not, i'm just trying to stay objective), but i really can't get behind a ginger chew that isn't chewy.

rating: 2

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