10 December 2009

Cadbury Crunchie

since seeing this on some foreign candy website i've been obsessed with trying to find it here, without having to order it online. luckily, there is a candy shop in town that i finally got to visit, and lo and behold - they had the Crunchie! while it's touted as a milk chocolate bar with a "honeycombed" center. the extra -ed on the end of honeycomb there leads me to believe that this is not true honeycomb, which the ingredients verify. it is simply a mixture of sugar, glucose and flavoring. but really, who cares right? after one bite i was totally hooked. not only is the texture awesome (kind of spongy or puffed, but crunchy, obviously), but the flavor is really very interesting. it's pretty sweet, but it also has a bit of a sour taste to it. not sour, as in it's gone bad or it's too tart, just kind of sour. and it's not a lingering sour, just a small hit of sourness, then sweet again. the milk chocolate is pretty good too, i'm usually not a fan of milk chocolates, but cadbury does make a nice, creamy chocolate, and generally not cloying or chalky. now i just have to try the Violet Crumble!

rating: 8

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