30 November 2009

Russell Stover Private Reserve: Vanilla Bean Brulee

right off the bat let me say that this picture is stolen. but i just had a crappy looking candy bar and this picture was already on the internet, so i am using it. if you have a problem, shut up. so, this is part of the Russell Stover Private Reserve line, which includes such flavors as triple chocolate mousse and mocha ganache. there are also the Private Reserve Origin Select bars made of 60% cacao dark chocolate from different countries. when it comes to filled chocolates, vanilla is definitely my last choice, however i had no choices except this because i took it off of someone's desk. yes, i stole candy so that i could review it, and then i stole the picture of the stolen candy. this is a multiple misdemeanor review. so, upon first encounter with the chocolate itself, i am not very impressed, nor am i disgusted. this bar was probably not the freshest, the chocolate had started to bloom, but it also got smashed a little and maybe melted. i don't treat my stolen goods right, they aren't mine anyway. the 70% cacao dark chocolate tasted more like milk chocolate to me, but that could have been the vanilla mingling with it, it was definitely sweeter than i was expecting. the cream itself was pretty good, it wasn't too runny or too crumbly, very milky. i would probably like these in some of the other flavors, but vanilla just isn't my bag.

rating: 5

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  1. Jesus, this was good. I laughed out fucking loud more than once. And...

    "if you have a problem, shut up"

    Amen, Sister Orphan-Finder.