31 January 2010

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Orange

as i'm sure i've mentioned before, i'm a big fan of the chocolate/orange combination. and i have always loved the chocolate oranges for whatever reason - they're fun to smash, they taste delicious, and really, there's a lot of chocolate in those giant oranges. i mean jeezer, it's a solid ball of chocolate and it weighs over 6 oz., that's almost half a pound! i used to love getting Terry's Oranges at big lots (only 99 cents, what?!), and they were definitely my first foray into the world of flavored chocolate that didn't taste like fruity butts. so really, what i'm saying is that chocolate oranges are what made me love orange-flavored chocolate. for some reason i haven't thought about chocolate oranges in awhile, but when i saw this at Trader Joe's, it brought back fond memories of whacking and unwrapping. while some other brands have many different flavors of oranges, i only saw these available in dark or milk chocolate, so i went for the dark (of course). the packaging is nearly identical to the Florida Tropics orange; even the individual slices have the same (or extremely similar) imprints on them.

there's no clever saying on these, just a seal keeping the orange foil closed that says something unimaginative that i can't even remember. the thing that can be annoying about chocolate oranges is that they don't always have a clean break. i haven't really paid enough attention to know if the cleanness varies according to brand, but this one definitely did not break very easily, or evenly. there is a nice, mild citrus scent when you open it. the chocolate itself is pretty good but it had a slight waxiness to it, which is a little disconcerting; the orange flavor is apparent but not overpowering. as i said before, it's been awhile since i've eaten one, but i remember them being much better, which leads me to believe that this is not as good as the others i've tried. in order to prove that, i will be getting some of the other brands and reviewing them shortly. until then...

rating: 5


  1. you have a great talent for rating chocolate.

  2. The milk chocolate is much better then the dark chocolate as far as orange flavor is concerned.

    I'm a huge fan of Dark chocolate, but the milk chocolate version of these chocolate oranges is far tastier.

  3. strangely enough i was eating the milk chocolate version of this just a few moments ago. i appreciate this comment.

  4. where can i find this in Mumbai, India ? any clue...

  5. Hey princess, I too am looking out for Trader Joes and Chocolove's orange peel in Mumbai...let me know if you have any luck