13 January 2010

Hi-Chew Blood Orange

i really don't think i will ever give a Hi-Chew a negative review. that being said, i was a bit skeptical the first time i tried the blood orange variety, since it seems that often when a candy is sold as "blood orange" it really just tastes like any other orange. a true blood orange flavor is sweet with a hint of raspberry. thankfully, Hi-Chew is aware of this and these chews have a distinctive flavor with a tinge of raspberry, but also i taste a bit of a floral accent. unfortunately i got these at the asian market and the package is completely in japanese, so i wasn't able to look at the ingredients to see what that might be. one of the things i love so much about Hi-Chews is that they're consistent in their texture: always chewy with a slight pull, but not enough to turn into a sticky mess. so far, not my favorite, but i will probably buy them again because i will always buy Hi-Chews again. at any time. and of any flavor.

rating: 7


  1. man, hi-chew is so good.

    i found a bunch of different kinds in china.

    i will save them for our wisconsin adventure where we can eat them all!

  2. the candy in china is WAY better than the candy in korea. i imagine japan has awesome candy too. when you come visit korea, we'll spend a few days here and then just go to china. we could go to japan, but stuff in japan is $$. china is dirt cheap.

  3. awesome! i can't wait to try them!