30 January 2010

Droste Milk/Bittersweet Pastilles

finally, some decent chocolate. i don't mean to get down on all of the crappy chocolate companies out there, but come on. there really is nothing i don't like about these little morsels; the packaging is fresh (as in innovative, not overly forward), they're pretty inexpensive for the amount of candy you get, and they're delicious to boot. oddly enough i obtained these at the asian market, although they are clearly produced in europe. inside the octagonal package the pieces are stacked and sheathed in a foil tube. each candy is a little larger than a quarter and about an 1/8" thick, half milk chocolate and half bittersweet chocolate. the chocolate itself is smooth and creamy, and the two types blend together effortlessly to create a milky-but-not-too-sweet concoction. i also tried each half separately - because i had to - and they both stand alone equally well. while generally i prefer a bittersweet or dark chocolate over the milk variety, this is quality chocolate without the milky aftertaste, chalky texture or sour flavor we've all come to expect in milk chocolate. Droste does offer these pastilles in a variety of flavors, though i've only tried these and the orange ones (also delicious). this is some quality chocolate folks, check out their site to see how they produce their chocolate. mm...mm...informative!

rating: 9

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