19 January 2010

Wildly Cherry M&M's

b.paul says "these taste like cough syrup, don't like em, blah." i say, "these taste like red flavor, and m&m's, blah."

actually, i don't really remember what these tasted like, but what i imagine they taste like is cherry skittles with chocolate inside instead of fruity chew. although i don't dislike that idea, i probably won't be running out to buy more. they can't compete with the dark chocolate peanut M&M's or the peanut butter, but i'd give these a better rating than coconut M&M's any day (even though i haven't tried coconut M&M's, i just know i won't like them). they're a little bigger than regular M&M's, not quite as big as the peanut, and way smaller than the almond (what was up with those? they were enormous. like those shrek ogre M&M's, they were big too). overall, not the worst. i do think that i like the strawberried peanut butter version a bit more.

rating: 5

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