28 January 2010

Meiji Gummy Choco - Apple

let me apologize immediately for the sadness of this picture. the tube is just too long. in its defense, it is one of the best candy packaging inventions ever. i buy this candy specifically because of the package (although it is a little steep for me - almost $5 at the asian market). the little *pop* it makes each time you open it, the fact that its resealable, and the high reusability factor. it doesn't hurt that the candy inside is delicious as well. while not identical, the picture on the package is a fairly good depiction of the inside: a jelly-gummy center surrounded by a thin layer of yogurt and chocolate coating. the gummi here is less like gummi bears and more akin to gumdrops, texture-wise. the apple flavor is vivid; not completely authentic, nor is it cloyingly sweet or phony. the only issue i have here is the yogurt coating, and even that is a seasonal issue: i find that during the cooler months when i have these the yogurt coating seems to be more crumbly, while in the summertime (or whenever i can keep them warmer than my cold house) it is much more smooth and creamy. i definitely prefer it to be smooth, the taste blends better with the chocolate coating, when it is completely separate it tastes too milky or powdery. i've enjoyed these in all the flavors i've had, with the exception of muscat, which i am not too fond of in general.

rating: 8

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