28 January 2010

Dagoba Seeds

another organic bar from Dagoba. this time around it's seeds: hemp, pumpkin and sunflower in dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. the first thing i noticed here was the earthiness of the bar - the combination of seeds with sea salt complements the bitterness of the dark chocolate very well. the salt taste is very mild, coming in near the end, almost as an afterthought. the seeds don't add as much of a crunch as i had hoped, but they do add something to the texture (i always prefer a textured chocolate to a smooth). the dark chocolate itself is quite good, Dagoba just makes a good chocolate - smooth and creamy. these bars always take me awhile to finish, they're pretty hefty and super-rich, plus the flavors and ingredients are usually not things that i'm always craving but when i do have a hankerin' for some gourmet chocolate, Dagoba is at the top of my list.

rating: 6

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