30 January 2010

McKeever & Danlee Mango & Kiwi Drops

what to say, what to say. quite simply, i am in love with these drops. the flavor is incredible and i love the tins they come in. so, they come covered in some white powder, which i assume is just confectioners' sugar; i'm not really sure what the point of that is, whether it's purely for show and/or flavor or if there's some packaging or shelf-life concern. either way, it doesn't really affect the taste or texture, since the powder dissolves immediately in your mouth. these drops contain only natural flavors and taste remarkably like their respective fruits. while they are pretty sweet, they have a tartness to them that balances it out well. these are available in several different flavors; i chose this one because the combination of mango and kiwi was just too good to pass up but i'll be getting more as soon as this tin is gone (which might be awhile, there are quite a few pieces in there).

rating: 10


  1. i'll bet the sugar keeps them from sticking together.

  2. it's true, i think that's exactly what it does. you are so smart!