01 February 2010

Ritter Sport Cornflakes

just a preface: this candy gets a 10. here are some reasons why: 1) chocolate, 2) cornflakes. those are pretty good reasons if you ask me. i wasn't quite sold on this when i bought it, but i actually love it so much that i ate the whole thing before i could even photograph it, so i had to go out and buy another one! but it was worth it just to have the smooth milk chocolate and the crunchy cornflakes in my mouth for a second time. the bar is pretty big (3.5 oz.) and chock full of flakes. not just a few sprinkles of flakes or a clump here and there, no, these flakes are evenly distributed throughout the entire bar, and amply. the crunch is phenomenal, better than any crispies i've had. so far i haven't had a Ritter Sport that i haven't liked (although i think they make marzipan and i don't know if i like that), and with this i just think i may have found heaven. in a candy bar. with cornflakes. do yourself a favor and eat this candy, because you can eat it for breakfast and not feel all that bad.

rating: 10


  1. SOLD! send one my way. I love cornflakes.

  2. I like the marzipan one a lot!