20 February 2010

Hi-Chew Hokkaido Lemon Cheesecake

parent co.: Morinaga
pkg. size: 5"x1.25"
candy size: 1.1"x.6"
weight: 1.9 oz.
quantity: 12
country: japan
description: chewy, creamy, lemon cheesecake-flavored candy

this may be the first Hi-Chew that i don't really care for. opening the wrapper, one is immediately presented with a very strong cheese smell which eventually gives way to a hint of lemon. upon popping this little bugger in my mouth i was so overwhelmed by the cheesiness of it i nearly fainted. seriously, this is a cheesy chew. while i'm not familiar with the specifics of cheesecake in japan, if i were to base it off of this candy i could only assume that they use a cheddar/swiss amalgam in their version. there's also a slight hint of cottage cheese and sour milk. not really to my liking with the lemon, but i would be interested to try the strawberry cheesecake variation. maybe the berry will do more for the cheese than the citrus did (kind of made it stinky).

rating: 2

ingredients: n/a
allergy information: n/a

1 comment:

  1. can you send me one. as a person who LOVES cheese...I'd like to try this overwhelmingly cheesy makin' you faint style candy. run on sentence.