19 February 2010

VD2010 Recap: Chocolate Covered Honeycomb

parent co.: maud borup; route 29
pkg. size: 2.6"x2.6"x8.5"
candy size: n/a
weight: 6 oz.
quantity: 10-15
country: united states
description: rich milk chocolate over a crisp caramelized candy center

even though i purchased this at wal-mart, and even though the Chocolate Covered Potato Chips were gross, i had high hopes for these Chocolate Covered Honeycomb pieces. i've tried the Cadbury Crunchie, which i liked (even though mine was past date and a little funny tasting), so i was expecting to enjoy these as well. and i did. even more, in fact. the nice thing about these Maud Borup confections is that they're using real milk chocolate, not mockolate (which is gross). while i prefer dark chocolate, the ratio of chocolate to honeycomb is great, so the milk chocolate doesn't offend me at all really. i can tell these are fresh (fresher than my Crunchie, at least) because they lack the strange sour taste that the old stuff had. the "honeycomb" center is crunchy, almost flaky, with an intensely sweet honey taste. i would still be interested to try real honeycomb covered in chocolate, but these are quite tasty.

rating: 6

ingredients: milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk, chocolate liquor, soy lecithin - an emulsifier, vanilla, salt), sugar, corn syrup, honey, sodium bicarbonate, salt, soy lecithin
allergy information: contains milk and soy. may contain peanut, tree nuts and wheat

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