04 February 2010

Fun Dip Tropical

when i spotted this "new" Fun Dip Tropical i immediately grabbed it, since b.paul loves the original Fun Dip, plus how can you go wrong with mango? the flavored sugars are actually really good. where the original has cherry, grape and blue raspberry-lime, the tropical flavors are strawberry, mango and watermelon. i probably wouldn't consider strawberry to be a tropical flavor, but it's an improvement on cherry, so i won't complain. the mango was definitely my favorite, it's got a nice mango flavor, with a slightly tart aftertaste. the watermelon tastes a lot like a powdered Jolly Rancher, which isn't bad. a little phony, but still good. the strawberry tastes pretty much like what you'd expect from artificial strawberry flavor. what i didn't notice before was that the sticks in this version aren't the classic white calcium-flavored sticks, but a "tropical" lime-flavored replacement. if it weren't for these sticks this Fun Dip would be a huge improvement on the original. but alas, these sticks taste like bitter lime peel and lemongrass. i don't know what flavors they're using (the package just says artificial flavoring), but they are not working in their favor. fortunately i had an original Fun Dip also, so i took one of the sticks out of that and used it. my advice to Wonka: use the regular sticks and not the crappy lime.

rating: 7

1 comment:

  1. i never liked fun dip. now that I'm older and don't mind sharing spit with certain people i might enjoy it again.