06 February 2010

Valentine's Day 2010: Part 1

there weren't nearly as many candies for Valentine's Day as i had anticipated. whether that's due to a rise in health consciousness, or possibly because Valentine's Day falls on a weekend this year (supposedly people rely less on candy-related gifts and focus more on going out), i do not know. either way, here is a selection of what i came across.

these Lovey Gummy Tummies from Trader Joe's are a cute take on the classic Gummy Tummies. i wasn't that excited about them, partially because i hadn't heard great things and partially because they are cherry flavored, but i was kind of hoping for them to be unexpectedly good. too bad they're not. the gummi isn't that bad, there's a distinct cherry flavor and they are the right amount of chewy. the gooey inside is where these are lacking. each piece is a pretty good size (roughly the size of a quarter), yet there's only a little dot of liquid inside. i definitely wish there was more in there, that's why i like the penguins with their super-gooey tummies. so far none of the seasonal variations have lived up to the penguins, which is so sad considering how good those are.

rating: 4

i was so happy when i saw Milk Chocolate Strawberryfrom Ferrara Chocolate. since i just reviewed the Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Orange, i thought this was a great follow up, not to mention that it's marketed for Valentine's Day with cute imprints on each wedge with little sayings and pictures. there are quite a few differences between this and the TJ's orange. first of all the flavor, obviously this tastes like strawberry as opposed to orange, but i think the chocolate is actually quite good. there is a slight dairy taste to it which i like; it doesn't have the tang that Hershey's milk chocolate has. the strawberry flavor is prevalent but it doesn't outshine the chocolate. i also think this orange broke a little easier, but there are so many factors to take into account with the smashing that it's hard to say that one orange is better than another. regardless, i definitely prefer this chocolate orange to the Trader Joe's brand.

rating: 8

the last item on today's post are these Peeps Chocolate Mousse Bears. while i've never been a huge fan of Peeps, i thought i'd give these a try. the chocolate mousse flavor sounds interesting, perhaps it will help to mute the overpoweringly sugary taste of the regular Peeps. as soon as i opened the package a strong scent of cocoa wafted out. it reminds me of Nestle Quik in a can. makes sense since the chocolate mousse flavor comes almost completely from cocoa powder (plus a few natural and artificial flavors). i really like the little tray they come in, and i also like the way they are all stuck together at the hands so they look like those little accordion-style cutouts. although they smell strongly of cocoa, they don't really taste any different than the way i remember regular Peeps tasting, with the exception of a slight chocolate milk aftertaste. i have to say that i really don't dislike these at all. they aren't quite as puffy as classic Peeps; i think i prefer the flatness of these bears. side note, as the package has informed me, these are gluten free. so that's pretty cool.

rating: 6

i'll be out of town for the week without internet access, so i'll post the remainder of my Valentine's Day haul (and maybe some others that i find on my journey!) when i return. hopefully i'll get it up in time for the actual holiday...

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