26 August 2012

Plopp Kärlek

parent co.: Cloetta
net wt.: 50g
quantity: 1 bar
country: sweden
description: milk chocolate filled with caramel with taste of raspberry jelly and raspberry bits in white truffle

this Plopp is weird. the original Plopp is just chocolate sections filled with gooey caramel, and while this bar claims that is has caramel (toffee) in it i really only taste the raspberry jelly and the white "truffle." the picture also seems to lack any visual indication of caramel, so i'm going to assume that they mean the caramel is raspberry-flavored and therefore it is really more just jelly filling than caramel. that truffle is in quotations up there because i'm not really sure what makes this white stuff truffle-y, it certainly isn't truffle in the traditional sense of ganache, so i guess it's just cream filling. regardless, i don't care for the white part; the raspberry part isn't bad but overall it's just not really my kind of candy. the filling is a little too sweet and the smooth, gooey texture of the jelly contrasts with the gritty texture of the truffle in a strange way so when they combine in your mouth it just feels like there's something chunky in the jelly. not great. and i generally really like raspberry chocolates so this one was a little disappointing. i also noticed that the ingredients include pineapple fibres and while i hate to sound like a crazy person i seriously think i can taste that acidic, tropical taste that they add to the filling. it kind of makes your mouth tingle, not necessarily in a bad way but not in a good way either.

the name simply translates to "plop" and kärlek is "love" so i guess anything pinkish is considered a good gift for your sweetie?

rating: 4

ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, milk powder, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, vegetable fat, cocoa mass, raspberry purée, apple, emulsifier (soy lecithin), salt, dextrose, flavorings (vanillin), pineapple fibres, citric acid, gelling agent, colour, stabilizer.
allergen information: may contain traces of nuts.

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