22 August 2012


parent co.: Marabou/Kraft
net wt.: 20g
quantity: 2-10g bars
country: sweden
description: milk chocolate filled with hazelnut truffle

another Marabou bar (there was a sale at the ICA next to my place so there will be a few of them), this one is interesting - i can't really think of anything in the states to compare it to but the crispies are definitely good (i like how much they use them over here, rice is cheap perhaps?). i actually didn't place the hazelnut flavor until i read it in the ingredients, i kind of just thought it was a milky-chocolatey fluff filling. it's not a nougat really, it's reminiscent of a hazelnut version of the filling in the Starbar which is a tad bit more crumbly than traditional nougat but certainly not in a bad way. overall, a decent bar although i do like Starbar better. i'm always a fan of bars that come in twos so you can save one for later (yeah right).

rating: 6

ingredients (translated from swedish): sugar, vegetable fat, milk powder, cocoa butter, rice crisps [rice flour, glucose syrup, salt, malt extract from corn], cocoa mass, hazelnuts, reduced-fat cocoa, emulsifier (soy lecithin), butterfat, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, whey product, salt, flavor.
allergen information: contains milk, hazelnut, soy, gluten.

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