28 August 2012

Corny BIG

parent co.: Schwaurtauer Werke
net wt.: 50g
quantity: 1 bar
country: germany
description: peanut-chocolate

this is really more of a granola bar (cereal bar), in my opinion. there is some chocolate on the bottom but the top layer is all oats, peanuts, cornflakes and such. quite good, actually and a wonderful name to boot. there isn't much more i can say about this although i would like to try some of the many other flavors: chocolate-orange, toffee, chocolate-banana, apple crumble, etc. you can see the selection here.

on an interesting side-note, i was talking with some other exchange students here and we were discussing the different terms for candy in the various english-speaking areas of the world; for example the british folk say 'sweets' while the new zealanders say 'lollies.' in the states i'd say the general term for most sugary snacks is simply 'candy', but in sweden they refer to them as 'goodies' (that might be my favorite). so anyways, a german acquaintance told me that in german the term for candy and sweets is 'süßigkeiten.' i suppose that's relevant since this is a german-made bar. and since i am a linguist i guess i find that interesting. perhaps i will post more words for candy in other languages, eh?

rating: 7

ingredients: roasted peanuts, milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, butter fat, emulsifier [sunflower lecithin]), gucose-fructose syrup, roasted cereal flakes (oat-,  wheat-), flour (wheat-, rice-, maize-)glucose syrup, brown sugar, cornflakes (maize, sugar, salt, malted barley), coconut fat, sugar, honey, salt, malted barley, caramelized sugar syrup, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin). 
allergen information: may contain traces of almonds and hazelnuts.

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